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About Me

Hi, my name is Glincy (Glin-see)

I love designing dog clothes and dog collars in my jammies with my coffee (extra coconut cream) jamming out to Prince, Huey Lewis and the News and Pet Shop Boys. On my free days I like to fry up my famous hot wings– ohhhh sooo good, visit the animal shelters, listen to enlightened audios and play video games. I have two dogs named Franchesca and Beanzie whom I've dedicated my company to them– Frank and Beanz Doggie Apparel. They are senior citizens now so they need extra love and attention:) 

I stand behind my brand that each of my creations are made with extra love – great quality, comfort and upscale designs for your pup to be happy in. My designs are hand-made and well crafted that consist of about 7 hours of work and I love it! 

Now that you've heard about me, I'd love to hear about you and your furry companion.

Drop me a photo. I send free clothes once a month to my furry fashionista fan club!

Glincy, Frankie and Beanzie :)