About us

Hey there dog fashionista fans!

My name is Glincy (pronounced Glin-see) and I am a graphic designer (for about 18 years now) who loves to design fashionable dog clothes that expresses personality, charm with a pinch of wittiness. So what apparel matches your dog's personality?
Franchesca and Beanzie are my two chihuahuas that love to eat, sleep and... eat. So don't be surprised if I get inspired by designing ice cream themed dresses or cookie dough sweaters... 
Each of my designs are hand-made and well crafted that consist of about 7 hours of work and I love it! My top priority for each of my apparel is that it's made with top quality and extra comfort for your pup to be cozy and happy in. 

Contact me, I'd love to hear from you about anything!


Glincy, Frankie and Beanzie :)

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